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The Truedio goal is to Protect, Enhance and Assist our customer’s health and well-being by providing high-quality products backed by our exceptional customer service and warranty policies.

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New Truedio Wireless TV Listening System: Peace-of-mind Quality & Price!

With the variety of TV Listening products currently on the market, what is the big deal about the availability of a new TV Listening Device? What is it that will make you pay close attention? The honest answer to either question is “Nothing” unless, of course, the product provides some unique feature and/or benefit. The new Truedio Wireless TV Headset System offers both so if you are committed to providing your patients the best in terms of quality and value, keep reading.

Truedio Speaker Earns Rave Reviews at Ravinia Festival! 

This year's outdoor concert season kicks off in a few short weeks in the Chicago area and music lovers are ready to get back out to Ravina Festival in Ravinia, IL! Thousads flock to this outdoor venue each year to enjoy concerts and picnicing on the well manicuured lawns. This year, more and more consumers will be bringing along their Truedio Wireless TD-BX Bluetooth Speakers to make their own music before the show.  (read more)